a big thank you

I had a blast at my bridal shower, near as I can remember. Thank you to Cecilia, Liz and Camille for planning and hosting such a fun party, and thanks to all who came!

First thing I noticed when I arrived were the cute baby pictures of me and Jim, and hilarious pictures of us as adults displayed on the tables. I don’t know why I’m wearing a thong on my head in the picture below. I suspect it may have been a posed shot. But doesn’t Jim look adorable in his high school graduation picture?

After I made the rounds and greeted everyone, Cecilia handed me glass of champagne and made sure that it was never empty throughout the party. That explains why I don’t remember a lot of what happened, but I do remember that the food was amazing, Cecilia’s house is beautiful, it was a gorgeous day and a lot of my favorite people were there.

There were amazing palletas and croquetas from Porto’s Cuban Bakery and I think some shrimp. No, really, there was a ton of yummy food (I just have lousy recall) and everyone filled up on appetizers thinking that was lunch. Then we all went inside and I opened presents and then there was yet even more food and dessert. That’s what I remember, at least. My mom made her famous chinese chicken salad, which everyone raved about, and there was duck and a story that went with it, but I forget the story and what else was served. For dessert, there was this rich, decadent, gooey chocolate cake, a tres leches cake, and those guava and cheese pastry things. I think I ate half of the tres leches cake. I just don’t remember doing it, but Kathy swears she sat there and watched me. I think a lot of you guys are having a good laugh at my expense.

Of course I had to open up the Hello Kitty bag first!

Camille and Sandra from Shopper Shuttle were nice enough to provide a shuttle from downtown to Cecilia’s and back. I don’t remember the ride back home, but Jim’s mom, Janice, and Aunt Suzanne said I just sat in the back of the shuttle, smiling drunkenly.

Jim said that when I got back home, I was schnockered. I muttered something like, “I’m done with this,” tore off my blouse (it was fussier than my usual black t-shirt), and promptly passed out. The next day, Jim’s mom and Aunt Suzanne joined me, Jim and Camille & Sandra’s crew for dimsum and everyone filled me in on what I didn’t remember from the night before. Jim just wanted to know why no one bothered to pack some food for me to take home to him.

OMG, look over to the right – we’re getting married in one month and 29 days!

Author: Jim

Jim is one of the owners and founders of Raw Materials Art Supplies.

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  1. one of my favorite parts was when you gave us a blow by blow account of how you lost, and got a replacement, kitty. i was in tears…and still waiting for the official post on that subject. thanks for allowing me to read your mind and win the $25 starbucks gift card. you rock my world ms. assguerra. x

  2. i now know why you didn’t call me later that night to tell me that you weren’t going to make it to my little dinner party…i don’t even think you remember making plans with me! ha ha ha! thanks for having me at your shower. i had tons of fun…and remember, i brought the hello kitty bag which you opened first!

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