Hello Registry!

Because some people have started asking, we’ve started a wedding registry at Target. It is pretty sparse right now, but I’m sure we’ll come up with lots more stuff for you to buy us once we have a chance to wander around the store with the magic registry wand.

Author: Jim

Jim is one of the owners and founders of Raw Materials Art Supplies.

6 thoughts on “Hello Registry!”

  1. I f**king LOVE chinatown – found my dress for $25:)
    AWESOME!!! I am very excited about the wedding theme.

    Anyways, let me know me know if you need anything for May 13 – your party…do you need me to do your make up and your hair?
    This time – I promise I won’t let you look like a dragqueen, especially these days I am on the sauce – the 6 pack of diet coke:)

    Let me know – I am so happy for you & Jim:) XOXO – Liz

  2. Can I get you guys the HELLO KITTY RICE COOKER?????

    Looking forward to seeing you guys this Saturday. CONGRATULATIONS, I’m sooooooooo happy for you!!!

  3. helena, of course you can!!! i was trying to find the hello kitty rice cooker on target.com but i think jim distracted me with some other shiny metal object.

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