easter brunch with a bridesmaid

Jim and Celia, Easter 2006 For those of you who had called and emailed asking what my fiance looks like, here’s a very recent picure of us. Jim and I spent Easter brunch with one of my bridesmaids, Elizabeth (Liz), and her husband, Jason. Liz took this picture after we stuffed ourselves silly.

We had brunch at the Pacific Dining Car in downtown Los Angeles (order the roast beef hash, it’s wonderful). On the way to our table, we ran into a big group of friends and neighbors (Catherine and Andy, Jeremy, etc.) gathering for brunch. Jim and I completely forgot that we were invited to their rollerskate disco party the night before. Catherine reminded us that they are throwing a monstrously huge graduation party on May 12th, the night before our engagement party, at the Farmers & Merchants Bank, directly across the street from Jim’s pad. With Mother’s Day falling on the Sunday after our party, that weekend is shaping up to be party central. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait.

Save this other date!

We’ve been looking at wedding venues so we can nail down the date of the big day (and waiting on word of its suitability from the astrologer), but we’ve also been planning on our engagement party. It will be May 13, in downtown Los Angeles (naturally), and it will be a blast. Invitations should be going out soon-ish. If you suspect that we don’t have your snail mail address, you should send us an email.

Save the date!

You’ll probably want to mark it on your calendar in pencil, but we’ve settled on a tentative date of January 13, 2007 for our wedding. This may change depending on what venue we choose and its availability, or any number of other factors. You can keep track of the months and days to go with the handy countdown clock in the sidebar.


Just a quick note to say “Thank you!” to everyone who has congratulated us, privately and in comments here, and to those who have blogged it:

We’ll soon start updating with more about date selection, venue selection, and all of that fun stuff.


Answering Your Questions

The ring is a one carat, princess cut diamond in a platinum setting – and I love it.

No, we haven’t set a date yet.

Yes, I do like chocolate. Very much.

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

No, we’re not pregnant.